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Welcome to a world of unbridled passion and deep connection with our Romance Pack. Specifically curated for those intimate, unforgettable getaways, this pack brings together an ensemble of 15 condoms handpicked from leading brands - EXS, SKYN, and Durex, to provide a variety of thrilling sensations and experiences.

Prepare for your romantic encounter with our grooming kits. Choose between Veet Hair Removal Cream or Gel, and a razor specially designed for sensitive skin. Leave your skin feeling silky smooth and ready for a night of tender touch. Then indulge yourself in the luxurious lather of our Original Source Coconut & Shea Shower Gel. Infused with 100% natural fragrance, it's like having a tropical paradise right in your bathroom.

Let your senses be intoxicated with the selection of 5ml perfume sprays for both him and her, meticulously chosen from the most renowned brands worldwide. As the scents waft and intermingle, light up the premium Love Candle from Halcyon and let its alluring blend of Patchouli, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine stir the embers of your desire.

Sprinkle the air with the provided 10g of natural premium rose petals, transforming your space into a haven of romance and intimacy. As the flames flicker and the petals dance, roll the special glow-in-the-dark dice included in the pack. Perfect for a couple's game, let this playful addition stoke your imagination and enhance your connection.

And to further enhance your intimate experience, select from our wide array of specially chosen lubricants. Each lube in our selection is designed to elevate the sensation and comfort for the ultimate moments.

Finish your intimate journey with our travel-size mouthwash to freshen up, and unisex intimate wipes. Because in the world of romance, aftercare is just as crucial as the build-up.

All these treasures are neatly packed in a disguised box, shipped in a discreet package to preserve your privacy. The fun really begins when you open the box to reveal the surprise inside.

Our 'Romance Pack' is the perfect companion for your romantic getaway, tailored to create moments of intimacy, passion, and pure bliss. Order yours today and let the journey of unforgettable memories begin. Remember to #Play it safe!

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Durex Feel 50ml, Durex Perfect Glide 50ml, EXS Delay Spray 50ml, EXS Premium Clear 100ml, EXS Premium Strawberry 100ml, SKYN Silicone 80ml

Grooming Kit

Satin Care Gel 75ml + Razor, Veet Removal Cream 100ml


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