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Pasante Internal Condoms. Known formerly as The Female Condoms, these protective barriers offer an ultra-sensitive experience, giving you a softer, more sensual connection during your intimate moments.

Pasante Internal Condoms are a superb choice for those with latex allergies as they are made from clear, non-latex material. These unscented and untextured condoms are non-spermicidally lubricated, promising a comfortable experience that does not compromise on protection.

Designed to be worn inside the vagina, Pasante Female Condoms act as an effective barrier during vaginal sex. They help prevent unwanted pregnancies and guard against the transmission of STDs, letting you enjoy your intimate time worry-free.

Feel the need for additional lubrication? No problem! You can apply more lubricant to these condoms if needed. Just remember to use only water-based lubricants - silicone or oil-based ones are a no-go.

With a nominal width of 81mm and a length of 178mm, Pasante Internal Condoms are designed to fit comfortably. You'll find full instructions included in the packaging to ensure a safe and correct usage.

All Pasante Female Condoms bear the CE mark and contain no animal-derived ingredients, including casein, affirming their commitment to quality and ethical production.

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