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Welcome to our 'Nature Pack', where intimate moments meet eco-conscious choices in the gentlest way possible. This meticulously curated collection contains 16 condoms, all meticulously crafted with a steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability. It's not merely about indulging in pleasure; it's about embracing a conscious commitment to our planet's well-being.

Within the 'Nature Pack', you'll discover the embodiment of our ethos in two distinct brands:

  1. EXS Pure: These condoms epitomize environmental responsibility and compassion. They are not only environmentally friendly and cruelty-free but also transcend the realms of safety and comfort. Every aspect of their production is a testament to sustainability - from fully recyclable foil and packaging to harnessing over 50% of manufacturing energy from solar power. Moreover, EXS Pure proudly champions the Regenerative Rubber Initiative (RRI), advocating for agroforestry protection and ensuring fair wages for independent latex farmers.
  2. HANX: Echoing our unwavering commitment to fairness and sustainability, HANX condoms are crafted from 100% fair-trade rubber latex. This ensures that workers receive sustainable wages and operate in safe working conditions. What's more, HANX condoms are entirely devoid of harmful chemicals, ensuring that safety and pleasure seamlessly intertwine.

As part of our Nature Pack, you have the opportunity to select from three specially curated Durex lubricants:

  • Durex Naturals Intimate Gel: This 100% natural option promises smooth, naturally thrilling experiences. Its gentle water-based formula contains no added fragrances or colors, is pH friendly, and harmonizes effortlessly with your body to moisturize intimate areas.

To round off your experience, we've included biodegradable, flushable, and fragrance-free intimate wipes. These wipes offer a gentle and considerate end to your intimate encounter, underscoring your commitment to environmental preservation without compromising on your comfort or safety.

Each treasure within the Nature Pack is thoughtfully assembled and discreetly packaged to preserve your privacy. The true excitement unfolds when you unveil the surprises contained within this box - it's not just a product but a profound statement of your dedication to a greener future. With us, you don't just play it green; you remember to #Play it safe!"

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