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Explore a unique, custom fit with MY.SIZE Pro 47mm Condoms, the perfect solution for those desiring a more compact size. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we believe in tailor-made pleasure and protection. After all, just as you and your neighbour don't wear the same shoe size, why should your condoms be any different?

Created for a snug fit, these condoms are designed to stay exactly where they're meant to be throughout your intimate moments. The worry of your condom sliding off or feeling uncomfortably tight is a thing of the past. Revel in enhanced pleasure with a condom that fits just right and offers a thin design for heightened sensations.

Each MY.SIZE Pro 47mm Condom boasts a nominal width of 47mm and a length of 160mm, with a mere wall thickness of 0.05mm. These ultra-thin condoms permit a natural feel and allow you to experience your partner's warmth fully.

At MY.SIZE, we champion the belief that each individual deserves a condom tailored to them without compromising safety or pleasure. Our ultra-thin wall strength ensures an intensely sensitive experience. The high-quality VYTEX latex used in our condoms has fewer allergens and is virtually odourless. Celebrate sustainability with our vegan-friendly condoms, produced with zero animal testing and free from animal ingredients.

Comfort meets convenience with the anatomical shape of MY.SIZE Pro condoms. These condoms promise flexibility, elasticity, and resilience, supporting natural movement. The silky smooth texture provides a soft feel against the skin, warding off irritation.

Rest assured, all MY.SIZE Pro condoms undergo electronic safety testing and surpass European standards. Each condom comes in CE marked foils, attesting to our unwavering commitment to quality.

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