Mates Ultimate 3 in 1 Condoms (14 Pack)




The Mates Ultimate 3 in 1 condoms are the all-rounders you’ve been waiting for, promising a carnival of sensations. They're ribbed, dotted, and come with a warming gel that adds a tantalising tingle to your intimate experiences. Yes, all in one condom. You read that right!

Crafted in a natural colour, these condoms blend perfectly into your steamy encounters without distracting from the main event. Each condom features a reservoir end for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

The Mates Ultimate 3 in 1 condoms are not just about safety though. They are meticulously designed to boost your pleasure, providing you with a sensory adventure you won't forget. The ribbed and dotted texture combined with the warming gel ensures you and your partner experience an array of delightful sensations with every moment.

At Condom Hut, we believe in giving you the best in pleasure and protection. With the Mates Ultimate condoms, you get to explore and enjoy new heights of intimacy. Dive into your wildest fantasies with complete confidence and let us take care of the rest.

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