Mates King Size Condoms (14 Pack)



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Introducing the Mates King Size condoms - for those who believe that size really does matter!

The Mates King Size condoms, designed with a smooth texture, are tailor-made for your comfort and enjoyment. These condoms offer a natural colour to keep things simple and sensual, while providing that extra room you need for an easy fit and enhanced pleasure.

As with all our products, the Mates King condoms come pre-lubricated. This means you're all set for a smooth experience from the get-go - just unwrap and get down to business, no extra steps needed. Plus, the handy reservoir end is there for added safety and peace of mind.

These condoms are made from high-quality, natural rubber latex, and they've been thoroughly electronically tested to ensure maximum safety and reliability. So, you can feel confident and carefree while diving into your intimate moments.

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