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Indulge in a carnival of flavours with our tantalising 'Flavour Pack' – a delightful assortment of 16 uniquely flavoured condoms designed to awaken your senses and elevate your intimate moments. Experience a world of flavours and sensations, each carefully curated to make your romantic encounters more exciting and enjoyable. Here's what's inside:

Pasante Taste: Delight in the playful colours and tempting flavours such as Blueberry Blast, Chocolate Temptation, Mint Tingle, and Strawberry Crush. A different hue for every mood, and a flavour to tantalize every taste bud.

SKYN Exotic Flavoured Condoms: Get carried away with the exotic vibes of Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise, and Passion Daiquiri. These tropical flavours add an extra touch of pleasure and novelty to your romantic endeavours.

SKINS Flavoured Condoms: Fresh and fruity options like Mint, Bubble-gum, Banana, and Strawberry offer a playful twist, turning ordinary moments into something extraordinary.

EXS Air Thin: Want to pair your favourite flavour with an ultra-thin sensation? EXS Air Thin is the thinnest condom in their range and can be coupled with any flavoured EXS sachets in the pack.

Pasante Delay: For those seeking a longer, more satisfying experience, these specially lubricated condoms may help delay climax. Mix and match with any flavoured EXS sachets in the pack to enhance both your and your partner's pleasure.

Lubrication Selection: Don't forget to choose from our range of thoughtfully selected lubricants, each designed to further enhance your experience and suit your individual preferences.

Complete Care: To round off this flavourful adventure, the pack includes unisex intimate wipes for a considerate and hygienic touch. A bonus Listerine mouthwash adds freshness to the after-experience, leaving you feeling clean and invigorated.

All these treasures are neatly packed in a disguised box, shipped in a discreet package to preserve your privacy. The fun really begins when you open the box to reveal the surprise inside.

The 'Flavour Pack' from Condom Hut is more than just a collection of condoms; it's a sensory exploration, a delightful discovery, and a playful journey into pleasure. Your ticket to a world of taste, texture, and titillation awaits. Make your selection today and remember to #Play it safe!

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Durex Feel 50ml, Durex Perfect Glide 50ml, EXS Delay Spray 50ml, EXS Premium Clear 100ml, EXS Premium Strawberry 100ml, SKYN Silicone 80ml


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