EXS Silk Lube 10ml Sachet




For those seeking to add a silky smooth sensation to their intimate moments, or require lubrication for medical reasons, the EXS Silk Lube 10ml Sachet is the optimal choice.

Carefully crafted to avoid excess stickiness or thickness, it leaves your skin feeling pleasingly untouched post-use, a feature absent in many other natural lubricants.

With absolutely NO SCENT, our lube differentiates itself from its counterparts, preserving the natural essence of your intimate experiences. Plus, its handy sachet design allows for easy and discreet transportation - a pocket-sized companion for any spontaneous moment.

EXS Lubricant:

  • Paraben-free: crafted without any harmful preservatives
  • Water-based: gentle and safe for all skin types
  • Non-tacky: avoids any uncomfortable stickiness
  • Long-lasting: for prolonged moments of pleasure
  • Condom compatible: perfect for safe, intimate moments

Experience the best with EXS Silk Lube 10ml Sachet, the discreet, smooth operator of the lubricant world.

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