EXS Nano Thin Condoms


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Experience the ‘barely-there’ feel with EXS Nano Thin Condoms! At just 0.045mm thickness, they offer the same protection with maximum sensation. Made from natural latex for smoothness and flexibility. Enjoy the slide-into-home sensation with silicone-based lubricant. Perfect fit for all types of play. Feel more, wear less with EXS!

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Looking for that 'barely-there' feel without compromising your safety? Look no further than our EXS Nano Thin Condoms! They pack the same level of protection as regular condoms, but with a barely-there thickness of just 0.045mm.

Perfect for lovers who want to get closer, our Nano Thin Condoms promise to impress. And despite their slim profile, these condoms are just as flexible and strong as the chunkier ones, hugging your form for a snug, secure fit.

Crafted from natural latex, they're buttery smooth and kind to your skin. For that slide-into-home sensation, we've got a slick layer of silicone-based lubricant that glides with ease, reducing friction and keeping things smooth, even when nature's own lubrication is in short supply. Suitable for all the fun you can imagine - vaginal, anal, or oral, and you can always add more lube if you're feeling adventurous!

Our EXS Nano Thin Condoms don't just feel great, they fit great too! Measuring 53mm in width and 192mm in length, they're the perfect wingman for guys who need a regular-size condom. With EXS Nano Thin Condoms, it's all about feeling more and wearing less!

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