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Experience the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and natural sensation with the EXS Magnum Large Condoms. Specially designed for those who need a larger than standard condom, the EXS Magnum offers an exceptional size of 190mm in length and 60mm in width, giving a roomier and more comfortable fit.

The EXS Magnum Condoms feature an ultra-thin wall, with a mere 0.073mm thickness, designed to decrease the barrier sensation and increase the intimate connection between you and your partner. Their anatomical fit is further enhanced with a flared head and teat tip, allowing for greater comfort and natural movement during use.

Crafted from silky natural latex, these Condoms provide a skin-like feel, adding to the overall pleasure of the experience. They're generously coated with a silicone-based lubricant, helping to reduce friction, prevent irritation, and ensure smooth operation during both vaginal and anal intercourse. They're also safe and suitable for oral sex.

But the considerations go beyond the bedroom - the EXS Magnum Condoms are not just about size and comfort. They're also about respecting nature. Certified as an ethical product by the Vegan Society, these condoms are vegan-friendly, free of any animal proteins. They stand as a testament to EXS's commitment to the environment, letting you make love not just with passion, but also with a clear conscience.

Enhance your intimate moments with the roomy, comfortable, and eco-friendly EXS Magnum Extra Large Condoms. They're not just larger in size, but also larger in satisfaction.

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