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We're turning off the lights for a bit of fun with our EXS Glow in the Dark Condoms.

Get ready to illuminate your night! These condoms not only offer the safety you need, but they also add an element of surprise and excitement to your intimate moments. Simply expose the condom to light for 45 seconds while it's still in the wrapper, and voila! Once you put it on, you'll light up the room in the most delightful way.

Each condom is made from smooth, natural latex and is flared and teat ended for a comfortable and secure fit. A generous coating of silicone lubricant makes sure things glide smoothly, without any uncomfortable friction.

The EXS Glow in the Dark Condoms come with a standard width of 53mm, a thickness of 0.073mm, and an impressive length of 192mm, catering to your need for a great fit.

Our condoms are not only CE Marked and Kitemarked but also approved by PETA, a testament to our commitment towards ethical products. They're also vegan friendly, meaning we've got you covered regardless of your lifestyle choices.

And let's not forget about the little things that make a big difference: there's no latex smell to these condoms, and the silicone-based lubricant is non-spermicidal and alcohol-free.

Purchased with us, you're guaranteed a product with an expiry date of at least 3 years from the date of purchase, so you can stock up and be ready to glow at any time!

Turn the lights off and let the fun begin. With our EXS Glow in the Dark Condoms, your intimate moments just got a whole lot brighter. So, are you ready to light up your night? Order now and let's glow!

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