EXS Flavoured Lube 5ml Sachet




Indulge your senses with our specially formulated, EXS Flavoured Lube 5ml Sachet, designed for a luxuriously soft and super-slippery feel. Conveniently compatible with both condoms and vibrators, it's perfect for any intimate moment.

Our charmingly packaged 5ml sachets are just the ticket for those who love variety, making each day a fresh, flavourful experience. With a non-sticky consistency, this flavoured lubricant ensures a pleasurable glide.

Flavour-infused and condom-compatible, EXS Flavoured Lube 5ml Sachet come in:

Peach - for a subtly sweet touch
Cherry - for a tantalising tartness
Strawberry - for a classic, fruity feel
Chocolate - for a decadently rich delight

Whisk your partner away to a world of taste and touch, and elevate your intimate moments with these sumptuous lubricants. Enjoy!

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