EXS Delay Spray 50ml




Experience heightened and prolonged pleasure with EXS Endurance Delay Spray, your go-to solution for managing premature ejaculation and enhancing sexual enjoyment.

EXS Endurance Delay Spray, with its natural, paraben-free formulation, employs clove oil as the key active ingredient, eliminating any Lidocaine or Benzocaine involvement. This ensures the freedom to indulge in its use without concern for side effects. Harnessing the mild numbing property of clove oil, this delay spray elevates endurance and naturally postpones ejaculation.

 A mere one to two sprays on the erect penis head about 10 minutes before intimacy are all it takes to diminish sensitivity, enabling an extended performance for you and your partner. With its skin-friendly formula, this delay spray is fully compatible with condoms.


Ethyl Alcohol
Clove Oil
Ethyl Alcohol
Clove Oil
Mono Propylene Glycol
Citric Acid
Propyl Hydroxybenzoate
Methyl Hydroxybenzoate
Deionized Water

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