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Want to level up in the bedroom game? Our EXS Delay Endurance Condoms got you covered! They're the ultimate wingman for those who want to enhance their stamina, hold off the grand finale, or take the slow, scenic route to pleasure town.

Here's the secret sauce - each EXS Delay Endurance Condom comes with a touch of Lidocaine (1%) silicone on the inside, a gentle anaesthetic that slightly numbs the action, giving you extra innings in the pleasure game. Say goodbye to early exits and hello to lasting experiences that will have you both singing praises!

Crafted from natural latex, these bad boys have a comfy fit, ensuring you move with ease. The silicone lube keeps the friction at bay, and you can always add more if needed, making these perfect for any type of romp, be it front or backdoor.

So, if you're ready to play the long game, our EXS Delay Endurance Condoms are just the ticket. Prepare for a ride you won't forget!

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