Durex Naturals Moisture Lube (100ml)




We present to you our Durex Naturals Moisture Lube. It's not just any lube; it's a 100% natural moisturising solution that's pH-friendly, working in harmony with your body to maintain a healthy intimate balance.

We understand that life's rhythms can affect your natural hydration. Be it fluctuations throughout the month or changes that come with age, dryness can sometimes pose a challenge. But why let it hamper your pleasure? With this Moisture Lube, enhance your sexual experiences with increased smoothness and comfort. Our gentle, water-based formula works wonders in hydrating and locking in moisture, setting the stage for memorable intimate moments.

What sets our Durex Naturals Moisture Lube apart is the inclusion of natural hyaluronic acid, which mirrors what your body naturally produces. This element boosts the effectiveness of our lube, tenderly working with your body's natural pH balance to moisturise your skin and intimate areas. We've kept it pure and simple, with no added colours or fragrances.

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