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Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive are designed to provide a bare-skin feel, these condoms prioritise your pleasure without compromising on safety. Crafted to maximise sensitivity, each interaction feels as close to natural as possible while ensuring you remain protected and secure.

Each condom from Durex, including these invisible ones, far exceeds the ISO 4074 International Quality Standard for male natural rubber latex condoms. With a nominal width of 52mm, they're designed to fit you comfortably and securely.

What makes Durex stand out? It's their unique manufacturing process that results in condoms that smell better. No need to worry about unpleasant distractions here! Just dive into the moment and let the good times roll. Remember, these condoms are made from natural rubber latex, promising high-level protection without sacrificing comfort.

Before you dive in, don't forget to check out the instructions carefully, especially if you're planning on using condoms for oral sex. We can't stress this enough - every condom is for one-time use only. While condoms are a fantastic form of protection, remember that no method of contraception can offer you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV, or other sexually transmitted infections. Stay informed, stay safe!

So, ready to enjoy the best of both worlds - sensitivity and safety? With Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive, you've got it covered. Try them out and let the fun begin! Remember, at Condom Hut, we're here to keep your intimate moments safe, exciting, and worry-free.

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