Boys Own Silk Lube (250ml)




Elevate your pleasure with Boys Own Silk Lube, a water based lubricant expertly created to enhance intimate encounters. While crafted with men in mind, this versatile lube is a delight for all pleasure seekers, assisting with penetration and preventing skin discomfort for both partners.

Infused with Aloe Vera, This replenishes the skin's natural moisture, effectively eliminating friction and reducing the chance of irritation or inflammation.

Our paraben-free formula ensures the lube's suitability for regular use. Embracing a vegan-friendly approach, it can be reapplied as needed to counteract dryness and amplify sensual satisfaction.

Boys Own Silk Lube boasts a velvety texture that mimics the slipperiness of a silicone-based lubricant, without leaving a greasy residue. Trust it for a satisfying, enduring effect. Compatible with all condom types and sex toys, it's a must-have for those keen to explore the delights of anal sex or infuse their lovemaking with thrilling anal foreplay.

This Lube maintains its smoothness without becoming sticky. It's kind to fabrics, leaving no stains, and washes off with ease. Made without harmful ingredients and enriched with Carrageenan, a natural additive known for its HPV protective benefits, Boys Own Silk Lube is your ticket to safe, heightened enjoyment.

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