Boys Own Clear (250ml)




Boys Own Clear Lube is a superbly sensual, water-based lubricant crafted for men seeking to enhance their intimate experiences. Fortified with the soothing properties of Aloe Vera extract, this lubricant is your ideal ally for pain-free pleasure.

Boasting a hydrating, paraben-free composition, it's specially designed for sensitive skin. It wards off any potential redness or irritation during penetration and pairs perfectly with condoms and sex toys, making it a staple for an unparalleled intimate adventure.

Adopting a vegan-friendly ethos, this lubricant offers a sleek, silky texture that leaves no oily traces on the skin. It serves as the perfect enhancement for intercourse, foreplay, and intimate massages.

Boys Own Clear Lube is designed to amplify intimacy, facilitating seamless penetration and making every touch more fluid and enticing. Its ease of application swiftly transforms ordinary moments into extraordinarily fun encounters, set to ignite unparalleled passion.

What sets it apart is its non-sticky quality and effortless washability. Its scent-free, clear formulation dries without leaving marks on fabrics. Plus, it includes Carrageenan, a natural additive that aids in HPV protection. In essence, Boys Own Clear Lube is your comprehensive solution for safe and sensual lovemaking

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